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About Kushkations

“At KushKations, you will find a memorable 420 vacation that will leave you longing to return to Denver, Colorado.”

KushKations is a proud black-owned business. It is modeled around a desire to provide a lodging experience that focuses on Colorado’s legal marijuana attraction and allows guests to smoke inside the home. Kushkations is one of the best 420 friendly Colorado vacation rentals in Denver. As a black-owned business, it is our vision to create something more than luxury 420 vacation rentals. We strive to influence and inspire African Americans all across the globe who are working toward building their own empire. We have been in business for around 2 years, but the idea of KushKations originated back in 2017.

We were attending a wedding after-party at a hotel and smoking in the room with the bride and groom. Security reported us and we were asked to leave shortly after. The idea of creating a business that revolves around allowing fellow smokers to toke in their residence was established after that incident, and thus, KushKations was founded.

About Kushkations
Hotbox Kushkations

“Our properties are convenient, as they are all located near central Denver, making it easier for you to take in all that the city has to offer”.

One of the best 420 friendly Colorado vacation rentals in Denver, Colorado.

There are currently properties available in close proximity to Denver. Each location has various amenities including hot tubs, outdoor patios, home theaters, game rooms, private balconies, fire pits, large and small occupancy and more.

Our properties are convenient, as they are all located near central Denver, making it easier for you to take in all that the city has to offer. KushKations is ideal for those who seek the full “Colorado” experience. A luxury 420 rental that you can come home to after a day of sightseeing and smoke a blunt in your hot tub or home theater.

It is KushKations’ mission to deliver a memorable 420 vacation to every guest, where we provide smoking accessories and an overall delightful 420 experience!

We offer a KushKookin where you can attend 420 Friendly cooking classes and enjoy marijuana infused cuisine. We also provide 420 Friendly dinner parties for KushKationers.

If you enjoy smoking legal marijuana in a 5 STAR vacation home then KushKations is the place to stay. We are dedicated to providing a meaningful 420 experience to every guest that spends their vacation at a KushKation. If you are wanting the best 420 friendly Colorado vacation rentals with amenities like home theaters, hot tubs, game rooms and private backyards, then you will find a home away from home when you choose KushKations for your Colorado adventure. Book today at any of our locations to get started toward an incredible 420 Friendly Denver oasis.

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The house was awesome and all of the amenities and games made it enjoyable to stay at the house and enjoy yourself during a pandemic where nightlife options are very limited.

Ty H – Elati

The best place to stay in Colorado, the neighborhood is safe and friendly but quiet, the house is huge and sparkling clean, fire place outside is amazing.

Yancy W – Ash Circle

The theater room was amazing and we all loved the hot tub. My favorite thing about the place is the location. This house is perfect for any small group’s first trip to Denver.

Ramiro A – Beach

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